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Here’s an example of how pets help us in not-so-obvious ways.

In my early days I was hired to help a woman with her dog. It seemed Rover had suddenly begun to lick at himself and as time went on his fur began to thin until finally he was bald in spots.

Food was replaced, tests were taken, blood was studied and behavior was modified, all to no avail. The vet signed off and the client found herself stranded. Then she found me and I did my thing in accordance with a groovy new, improved protocol.

The protocol might have been groovy but I hadn’t yet learned to ask up front:  who’s energy is this, yours or your person’s? The dog, for his part, was not inspired to direct my attention anywhere but to him. Dutifully he gave me a ton of material to work with and we probably healed something but we sure didn’t heal that damn licking.

He made a temporary improvement and within a couple of weeks he was right back at it.  He might’ve even picked up the pace. Disappointment all around but it seemed we’d exhausted our options and everyone went reluctantly back to their lives.

Some time later I came across the client’s mom. The dog, she said, had made a miraculous improvement. Here’s what happened:

Just after our last meeting, the balding dog so distressed the client and her mom that one of them took it upon herself to meditate about it. That inspiration led almost immediately to a discussion of events from some 30 years earlier–a situation from her childhood the client had always wondered about but didn’t know how to bring up.

Her mom explained why things had had to happen that way, the client understood, forgiveness was granted and the dog, well he knocked it off with the licking. He began to fill back in and today Rover is his sleek, glossy, bossy self.

Right, it’s probably a coincidence. But I’ve come to find out this kind of thing is pretty common so I’m gonna come right out and say it: if you ignore your emotions, maybe they’re tenacious enough to get your attention some other way. Isn’t that right, Rover?




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