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I went to watch the demo with the police dog.  His person calls him Deputy ________ so I guess technically he rolls with the Sheriff but any way you looked at it the dog was impressive.

Being around this dog was like being in the presence of a person who’s unusually, highly motivated.  That motivation creates a force field and it’s intense.

I once worked to register athletes at a mountain bike event that featured the world’s national champions, among them a very young Lance Armstrong.   It was 1990-something, I was in my 20’s and that intensity filled the room.  I thought to myself, oh, you just like thighs.  But recently I revisited the feeling when I encountered an almost absurdly fit human.  It was in passing in a store and he was talking to a clerk.

His field was enormous and it stuck out into the aisle.  I walked around it.  Well why not?  It was in my way.  I’ve felt it around dancers and other kinds of athletes, a legendary actress in American musical theater and now this dog.  It seems to accompany talent but there are plenty of talented people who don’t have it.  Something else takes the energy up to a place most of us will never go.  It generates power you can feel.

So the dog walked in and I thought, wow.  Wow.  He was black, slender, youthful and glossy.  Now, handsome dogs are a dime a dozen, can’t throw a rock without hitting one–not that I would–but on top of it he had that extra thing that takes the whole thing to turbo.  Like the athlete in the store, his field was oversize and filled with power.

I got from the dog that he’s very, very good at his job but what was that extra thing that he had?

And then I got it.  Everyone’s unique, it’s probably different from one highly intense being to the next.  But in the case of the police dog it was complete, utter commitment.

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