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Last weekend I helped a friend make sense of her cat’s death.  Words don’t do justice to describe the passing; I’ll just say it came as a sudden shock to the family and they were desperate to know that their cat, Snowy, wasn’t still suffering in some way.

Despite her traumatic end Snowy was cheerful, even enthusiastic.  “‘Whew!'”, she  said, “that was a workout!”

Having lost a leg at 6 months, she passed at 13 and now she was proudly showing me that, in the spirit world, she had four legs!  I recalled a time, years ago, when I helped her fashion a 4th, “energy” leg, how she managed to hunt and have various interesting adventures throughout her lifetime, how her family considered her the “queen” of the household, presiding over 5 humans and up to 6 other pets.

She was a pretty girl.  Determined.  Powerful.

There was an interruption in the reading, but when I came back Snowy was practicing her pouncing.  This time there was a veil of sadness over everything but when I looked deeper into it I discovered it was the family’s energy, not Snowy’s.  We cleared it and went on.

Post-passing, Snowy showed me that she had already had cancer at the time of her death.  She’d grown very thin but she endeavored to “hide” it from her person for months because she was getting ready to transition and she didn’t want to be distracted.  What was interesting was that the client just didn’t “see” Snowy’s condition until after she died.

I’d been asked to look at Snowy months before her death but try as I might, I felt blocked from reading her, to the degree that I never even sat down to try.  I felt badly about it, but after she died the cat told me, “I didn’t want you to look at me.  I didn’t want the vet to look at me.  I was getting ready to go.”

Now that’s some power.  That little three-legged cat kept two people from accessing her so she could continue on her path, uninterrupted.

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