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Katie is exceptional.  Her work is stunning!  Powerful!  Effective!   The sessions she has done for my animals have not only changed their lives but mine as well.  She understands the unique bond we have with our furry friends and how those relationships are often intertwined.  Katie’s ability to “see” both sides never ceases to amaze and has always left us better than she found us.

~Mimi Shannon


I cannot say enough great things about Katie’s readings.  She is a true animal lover and it REALLY comes through on the work she did for my dogs.  She did an AMAZING job and did individual readings and put them on CD so I could listen to all of it again at a later time.

Katie has a very wonderful gift that I am so glad she is sharing with the world and the animals.  I know she has healed my dogs and lightened their loads as I saw a significant change in their behavior.  I would highly recommend Katie to do a reading on any pet, especially ones with ailments, insecurities or behavior problems.  I especially enjoyed hearing about my pets’ past lives!



My cat had a mild case of asthma.   I had taken him to the vet and they determined it wasn’t bad enough to treat with medicine unless it started to get worse.  He was obviously having some strain during the occasional attacks, but I didn’t want to sit around and wait for him to feel worse.  So we enlisted Katie’s services.  This was the best move we could’ve made!   Not only have his attacks completely gone away, but he also seems more agile.   Amazing!



Our cat was suffering from hepatitis, and we’d been through several rounds at the vet without much improvement.  A friend suggested we contact Katie.  Her work was literally a miracle!   He showed an improvement right away, and we never had any emergency trips to the vet again!

~Shary S.


My dog seemed a little bit depressed.   Before venturing to the vet I decided to have Katie check in with him to see if he could tell her what was wrong.  Well it turned out he just needed to “talk”–he had some stuff to say and also wanted to ask about some changes that were going on in our lives.   After Katie worked with him he quickly went back to his normal silly self.



I have a wonderful rescue dog.  As is common with rescues, her past confronted her in her present.  She was nervous, timid and jumpy.  I was at my wit’s end when Katie was recommended to me.  Katie did a reading and grounding/clearing for her and there was a notable difference within days.  She could even walk by a lawnmower and not go crazy!  She also has a very adorable personality trait, unbeknown to Katie, and in the reading she told Katie about her past life.  I had never told anyone my nickname for her and when Katie told me about her past life, I got chills because it was her nickname!  I highly recommend Katie, she has amazing insight and does incredible work.


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