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The way healing works is this:  Issues come up in the clairvoyant reading and you notice they’re the same ones you’re working on.

I already knew this, sort of.  My cat Chester and I ebb and flow together in terms of our relative health and well-being.   An acquaintance with heart trouble told me a pet of hers had died of a heart attack.  A highly allergic client described her highly allergic dog.   An intensely private man told me his energetic dog had lost interest in day care and the dog park–he preferred to play and exercise alone with his master. Who also preferred being alone.

Pets and their people work on the same issues:  this is not so remarkable.  What is, is the fact that every stranger who calls has an animal who has a message for me.

I read a timid little dog, and it emerged that she always looked outside herself for answers.  She relied on cues from her person when other people were around, but if her person wasn’t there to scoop her up and comfort her–which is actually a problem but that’s another post–then she might bite.

My job was to help her trust herself so she could feel more confident around others.   I gave her a little healing and we went our separate ways.

Driving home from the reading, I realized that I didn’t trust myself, either.  I hardly ever bite, but like the little dog I was going through life reacting instead of acting and that’s a pretty big difference, isn’t it?  One way is proactive and goal-oriented, but the other is plain old self-defense.

After awhile the client reported that her dog  had relaxed, and her behavior was more appropriate.   All three of us felt lighter.   That’s the nature and the magic of healing; it spreads.

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