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I had a cat client with liver trouble.  What was remarkable to me was this:  she was the second pet in the family with liver problems, and they lived with a woman who struggled with anger.  In eastern medicine, chronic anger indicates that the liver needs attention.

So what’s the connection?   Some say, because they are healers, animals will absorb their humans’ negative energies.  I prefer the theory that we attract certain animals because we are working on similar stuff, and so we help and support each other.

Sometimes an animal will improve just by taking a break from their healing duties.  I often tell pets to put their healing work aside.

“Take some time off and save your energy just for you,” I’ll say.  “You’re an outstanding healer and you should be very proud of your work.  But now it’s time to just be the pet, and be loved.  It’s time to give something to yourself.”

Most pets take their work very seriously and this can leave them doubtful.  But I think, if you do nothing more than give your person a chance to love something unconditionally, that’s healing too.

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