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Talk to the Kitty!


I’m at the elementary school, volunteering like I do. In the work room.  No kids. Just moms and dads, and teachers drifting in and out.

Laurie and I get to talking (names changed to protect the innocent).  She’s this great, easy, young mom at school. I learn her house is under a heavy remodel. She has a 16-year-old cat who licks herself bald and barfs a lot.

guy-1-1167030-mThe story goes on.  What with one thing and another I figure out that Mr. Laurie doesn’t like cats, and he doesn’t like barf.  I guess he stepped on one of Kitty’s many hairballs .  .  .  Yeah–so?  I stepped on a gall bladder one time, that used to belong to a mouse.  I was barefoot and hadn’t had my coffee.  Did it hurt me?  It did not.

He says lots of things like, “after the cat dies [fill in with how it’s going to be better“].  He says this in front of the cat.

How rude!

grinning dogNow, I get this.  Many people are not cat people.  There’s a level of Some Things Cannot Be Explained that cats require.  But a cat’s not going to come and ask for your appreciation, while slobbering and grinning.  The act of slobbering and grinning kind of sums up Dog, in my mind.  Who wanders around going, “wow, dogs sure are mysterious!”?  Yeah, no one.  But cats–they’re inscrutable, and some people need to scrute.

But back to our story.  Looking at Laurie’s predicament, I see a resistant husband, a recent move, a bunch of strange guys making dreadful noises and youngish children.  All roads led to licking and hiding under the bed.

These things have to be handled delicately.  So a few volunteer hours tick by and finally it’s time to say, “have you told the cat what’s going on?”  Laurie blinks. She doesn’t know what I mean.  I say to her, ” I mean, have you told the cat what’s going on?”

She says, “How do I do that?”

Next Up:  Talk to the Kitty! Part II







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