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Talk to the Kitty! part II

b & w kittyLaurie’s kitty was depressed.  Her life had changed dramatically.  To make things worse, one of her humans said disrespectful things about the cat, right in front of her.

Laurie doesn’t know what to do.  Talk to the kitty, I say.  Tell Kitty your husband is just talking.  And while you’re at it, I continue, you might tell him to knock it off.  It’s got her worried.     

Soon it becomes apparent that Laurie needs me to demonstrate.  So I start yapping.  Hey Kitty!  I say.  I notice you’re hiding a lot; you’re picking at yourself and you seem a little depressed.  

There’s more.  There’s so much going on in the house right now.  We moved into this new place but it wasn’t right for us.  All these strange guys are fixing it so it will work for our family.  They’ll be finished soon.  These things are stressful for a kitty!  No wonder you’re not yourself.  

And about my husband Arturo (this is totally a fake name): don’t listen to him.  Arturo says dumb things but he doesn’t mean them.  Besides, I love you and you’re my kitty.  This is your home and it will be for the rest of your life–no matter what. 

Fast forward one week:  Laurie comes into the work room and announces, “I talked to Kitty!”

mousieThe short version is this:  Almost immediately the cat hauled out her toys and began to play, something she hadn’t done in a long time.  She also promptly chucked up a hairball on Arturo’s sweater.

A week later she’s venturing out from under the bed, and her fur is filling in! Overall, Kitty is more cheerful and relaxed.  Arturo is totally skeptical but even he can’t deny, Kitty’s different.

Laurie?  She tells me she talks to Kitty all the time now.  She’s got the kids talking to the cat and last week, when Kitty spit up on something of Laurie’s, Arturo joked, “why don’t you talk to her?”

Laurie’s latest homework is to tell Kitty all the things she loves and admires about the cat.  You need to tell her why she’s so great, I say.  Everyone likes to be appreciated!  


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