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I am an animal communicator. Clients often contact me when their animal has a problem that cannot be resolved by a veterinarian or a trainer.  I’ve worked with sick and transitioning pets, and pets that have behavior problems.  I read animals that are deceased.  I also talk with clients that simply wish to know their pets better.

If you live in the Boulder/Denver area I can travel to your home to read your pet.  I also give remote readings, which means the reading happens over the phone.  Once I have a photo and some preliminary information, I will schedule a time to connect with you and your pet.

I charge $100 an hour to read your pet.  If you live in the area, I may charge an additional fee for my time and travel.


A friendly disclaimer:  I never recommend a clairvoyant reading in lieu of veterinary care.  If your pet is sick, I will ask if he or she has been thoroughly evaluated by a veterinarian prior to scheduling an appointment.

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