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Chronic illness is so interesting.  You can take 5 pets with kidney pathology and line ’em up, and each will present wholly different issues in a pet reading.   Some will respond to my work, others won’t.  There’s no rhyme or reason but sometimes I see dramatic changes.

Recently I treated a 17-year-old cat with lung cancer.  He’d once lived with a man who could no longer care for him, and so relinquished the cat to a store owner known for her generosity to homeless animals.   The cat had been out of his hands for a very long time and has now lived two years longer than expected.  Still, something was troubling the animal; he wandered the store and seemed restless, seeking.

My chat with him turned into a healing.  I helped the cat clear some old energies he’d had with the man.   When an animal is hanging onto something they had with a former owner, it’s called a prior agreement and it can cause some trouble.

What happens is that the former owner is no longer around but the animal doesn’t understand this.  Sometimes a newly-adopted pet, or one languishing in a shelter, will appear to be waiting for something.  Animals work to heal us, and what they’re often doing is waiting for their person to return so they can resume their work.   Such animals appear disinterested in new people, and so don’t get adopted.  Or they find new homes, but don’t make a real connection.

When I did a healing on this cat, I discovered he had a prior agreement with his first owner.  I explained that he hadn’t done anything wrong, but his person wasn’t coming back.   Then I helped the him clear the agreement so he could connect more fully with his new person.

Right away the cat grew chubby and his coat improved; he stopped wandering aimlessly around the store; he made close friends with another cat who worked there and he now has a healthy, youthful sparkle.  I stop in to buy food periodically and I go find him.  Usually he’s sleeping in a sunny window with his cat friend but he’s always up for a visit.  I stand around and admire him, sometimes he rests his paw on my hand.  When he’s had enough he turns back into the sun and I go home.

I don’t pretend to know if the cancer was effected by the healing.  I just know that there was something about the cat’s agreement with the man, and when the cat was able to let it go, it lightened his load.  He might die tomorrow but he’s at peace now, so I consider him healed.

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