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Oshi Goes to the Pool

Six-year-old Oshi the Cocker reminds us: if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.  These glorious photographs are featured in Seth Casteel’s Underwater Dogs, just out in hardcover.

From the Huffington Post:

Casteel, who, naturally, has two dogs of his own (a mini Labradoodle and a Norwich terrier), said that he’s drawn to underwater dog photography because the photos show a side of dogs that people may have never seen before.

“Over the course of several thousands of years, we’ve taken wolves and made them Boston terriers,” Casteel told HuffPost. “But still, at the heart of it, dogs have wild instincts. For me, it’s all about seeing those wild instincts come through underwater. They’re getting back to being wild. They really love being wild. And under water, they have the best chance of doing that.”

“Whether it’s silly, whether it’s focused, whether it’s terrifying. You see that underwater,” he added.

Casteel thinks the photos have resonated so well because of the special relationship humans have with dogs.

“People identify with dogs because they share a similar range of emotions that human beings do,” Casteel said. “They understand us, we understand them, and together we have this fantastic relationship.”


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