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guinea pig white

Marshmallow had gone missing, and now we had a bit of a crisis. The Person had to shuttle the Zimbabweans into town for an event and wouldn’t be home for hours.  Her family was off camping and I was 20 minutes away by car. Marshmallow’s rescue was not imminent.  The Person put out a strawberry, Marshmallow’s favorite treat. Then she cried and took the Zimbabweans to town.

Later that day she called and I snatched up the phone, only to find we had both a missing pig and an strawberryuntouched strawberry.

Was he scared?  I took a look at the guinea pig.  He seemed more .  .  .  interested, than scared.  His Person said he’s never moved more than a few feet in his outdoor pen so this was big.  Looking at him I saw a pretty wide-eyed character.  Naive, even.

He wasn’t scared because he wasn’t a complex pig.  His oeuvre was more or less a range of happy to hungry then back again.

His Person had just a few more questions.  Could Marshmallow hear her calling him?  I looked at the pig. He could hear her, all right, but more to the point, was he interested?  As it turned out, he was not.  Could he see her?   Well sure, if he tried.  I had to tell his person, he could see you if he’d just turn around.  But I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care.  

sun on leavesShe laughed, we hung up and she continued the search.

As the afternoon wore on I checked back in to find he’d moved; now he was amongst some leaves.  I saw a pretty, diffused light and rounded shapes all around.  He was sort of .  .  .  puttering.

The day went on.  It was stressful.  Food was left out but not eaten.  Boards were removed from the deck to no effect.

Eventually?  A few days had gone by and we kind of  .  .  .  gave up.   We agreed it wasn’t looking too good, although I admit to some confusion about the general, obvious serenity of the pig.  He just didn’t seem concerned.  This concerned me.

A day or so later the phone rang.  The pig!  Not on the phone–on the neighbor’s lawn!  She’d come outside to find a content, naive, perfectly happy guinea pig on her front lawn.  Eating grass.  She came to their door to ask, did the family have a guinea pig?   What luck, they did!

Marshmallow was retrieved and brought back into the bosom of the family.  Where I soon saw, he was feeling pretty proud of his big adventure.

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