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I go through entire periods when I have to tell people, this isn’t about your dog, it’s about you.  Sometimes, I get a scenario where it’s both. The dog does have a difficulty–often behavioral–and it interlocks in some way with an issue the human struggles with. Suddenly the pet reading becomes a relationship reading, and my challenge is to help the human understand that they have a part in the play. After all, they called me so I could help their pet change, but what happened?  What do you mean, it’s not about the dog?

Most people can hear me when I say, this is about your life.  Some can’t.  But it’s so common for a pet to call a family’s attention to their own stuff, that it’s worth heeding the words of the incomparable man-dog Cesar Millan.  From his article in the Huffington Post:

Any relationship with a dog needs to be grounded in reality .  .  .  Before you start looking for a dog — or when you start looking at the causes of your dog’s problems — you have to look at yourself first.

And: .  .  .  are there any emotional issues going on? Any family tension can upset a calm assertive balance, and a dog will pick up on such things.

He talks about how hard it can be for some people to understand this.  I think it’s really a reflection of a greater truth: that we attract into our lives what we are teaching and what we need to learn.

Our family members, friends, coworkers and pets all have something to show us, but maybe we really are all one.  Maybe each of these characters is a part of the Self, in need of recognition.

For the full article:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cesar-millan/it-isnt-always-about-the-_b_2541801.html







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