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I’m at the “office”–the Brewing Market in Longmont, Colorado.  I like a good cup of coffee as much as the next girl, but in truth I’m here so I can work without cracking from the strain of being alone.  It’s the nature of this job.

A small group has just arrived, escorting an elderly woman.  I’m guessing her to be 85 to 90, judging by her face.  She’s got clear, sharply intelligent eyes and she’s beautifully dressed, in the way of the older generation.

A teenaged girl in short shorts has settled her on a loveseat and disappeared; someone else is fetching the coffee.  I’m pondering  the juxtaposition of teenager and (great?) grandma, about the harried and plugged-in lives of the young as they navigate their way through the technology age, about how great it is to be older and in the present moment instead of always distracted by the trappings of–hey, what’s she doing?

Grandma’s got her cell phone out, it looks like she has a message.  And those are some great capris, with a little tie at the bottom of each leg.

She’s got on a pair of Sketchers just like I bought last summer, the ones I just knew I would be seeing on a fair number of 16-year-olds, and boy are they comfortable.  She’s smacking some buttons and, okay, here we go–is she texting?

Oh, good.  She’s put away the phone and pulled out her knitting.  It’s a gorgeous olive-green yarn, and I believe the pattern is a basket-weave.

That was a close one.

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