Feed on

People hire me to communicate with their animals.  It’s a professional exchange, and once the CD is mailed the process is complete.  But I get a thrill from feedback!  Especially when the changes are dramatic.

I’d read for a lovely St. Bernard, he was a working dog at a pet food store that I frequent and he was one of many canine and feline employees available to assist with all your nutritional needs.  I’d offered a free pet reading to the owner; I knew she and her staff had rescued a number of abandoned animals and I was trying to promote my work.

The day I introduced myself, the owner was having none of  my “free reading”.  I got halfway through my speech but–

“I’d rather pay you”, she interrupted.  She opened the cash drawer and turned to me.  “What do you charge?”  I told her, she pulled out a handful of money and gave it to me.   I never got to the part where I say what I do, she didn’t even care.

How cool was this?   I stood there uncertainly.

“Well”, I said finally, “I’ll bring you the reading as soon as I’m done”.

The St. Bernard and I had a nice reading; changes were reported the next time I bought cat food and I came away from the experience with the sense of a job well done.

But there was something more wanting my attention and it came in the form of a lovely, elderly kitty named Boots, also an employee of the pet food store.  He’d been relinquished to the store owner years earlier by a homeless person.

Next up:  Feedback on an Animal Reading, Part II

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