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His name was spelled Gian but she pronounced it John.  Turned out she couldn’t take him on the next leg of her journey.

Reluctantly she handed him over to her Uncle who bonded instantly with the big yellow dog.  But Uncle had other plans so the dog was relinquished to Uncle’s friend.    The dog had moved around some prior to that.    As a result he was declared “adaptable”.

I was called to the scene.   The dog wasn’t settling in properly but the Friend had hopes that they could reach detente–better yet, become friends.

Mercury was retrograde at the time and I felt like something wasn’t being said.   It was a phone consult but the dog hovered energetically around the edges.  He seemed impatient.

I chatted with the friend and took some notes.  Time passed and the conversation wound down.  As I was preparing to say goodbye the Friend suddenly said, “I don’t think he wants to give him up.”

I stared at my notes.  Wait.  Wha-?

“You mean Uncle is thinking about keeping the dog?”

“Well, yeah.  I guess he is.  He keeps calling me to see how Gian is doing.  I don’t think he can let go.”

“So,” I said, “do we have a bonding problem, or do I need to find out if the dog belongs with Uncle?”

I looked at Gian’s photo.  I could see the dog was handsome and sunny but he looked annoyed.  The picture had been taken earlier that day. I looked at my notes and crossed a couple of things off.

“Yeah okay,” the friend sighed.  “I guess we need to find out where the dog wants to be.”

That’s animal communication right there:  just ask the pet.

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