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We’re hosting a pug, for a week.   On the first day he walked in and took about a thousand running steps in one place on the Pergo floor.   Eventually he got going and set about playing with my two aging and resistant cats.  Six days later, he hasn’t stopped.  I call it The Pug Rodeo.

The rodeo is quite rowdy and loud but that’s the least of it.   It’s more the wonderment we feel that, no matter how often he gets hissed and spit at, no matter how often Chester traps him on the landing and takes swing after swing at him, the Pug continues to view the cats’ behavior as part of the fun and he is not deterred.  Over and over he approaches them in the same hopeful spirit; this is pure optimism that borders on the insane.

Right now he’s put his little pug face through the cat door, enabling the cat on the other side to whack at his neatly framed face until it occurs to him to withdraw.  He’s wagging his tail.

We have the Pug for a total of a week during the most challenging summer in memory.  Because I am an animal communicator I know this for sure:   if you pay careful attention there’s a message for you in everything.  Every situation, every person, every experience, every animal.  Every thing.

What I could most use right now is pure optimism.  Bordering on the insane?   Well, apparently.   Welcome to the Pug Rodeo.

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