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Time was of the essence.  Uncle couldn’t seem to let go of Gian, but he was in the process of starting a new job in a far-off town and his departure was imminent.  Could I please find out whether Gian should accompany him?  Or would Gian stay behind with Uncle’s Friend?

At this point Gian seemed to be rejecting the Friend and I thought well, it don’t take no expert but there were other issues to discuss so off we went.

Turned out Gian was simply annoyed.  He acted it, he showed it, he practically wrote it on a piece of paper and handed it out.  He was clear and focused but the humans weren’t getting it.   So he turned his back, he glared reproachfully, he kept to himself.  Until at long last the Friend picked up the phone and gave me a call.  I had a chat with Gian.

“I already have an agreement with Uncle,” he told me.  I looked and there it was.  He’d selected the 4th chakra to work with but he hadn’t yet made a cord between Uncle and himself.  The cord itself would tell us what specifically the two characters were going to work on but I suspect he was waiting for Uncle to come to his senses before he made a commitment.

Not only that, but Gian had already begun to dissolve the prior agreement he’d had with the niece.  I didn’t even have to help him do it.  He was certain, he was efficient and he was ready to start his new life with the man he’d chosen to heal.

Uncle happily took Gian back that day.

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