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animal communication vintage typewriterAs an animal communicator, I work from a distance and I use clairvoyance to make contact with the pet and his person.  ‘Clairvoyance’ means something like “the ability to see stuff that isn’t there”.

I use the word loosely; only sometimes does the information come in pictures.  I’m just as likely to “hear” sounds; that’s clairaudience.

I might sense an emotion.  I endeavor not to feel it, though.  A true empath feels your pain but that’s a tough row to hoe.

I might sense a texture, or perhaps a breeze.  That’s clairsentience.

Often, I get impressions.  Suddenly, I know something to be true.

Once, a dog answered a couple questions by presenting me with words typed on pieces of plain, white 8 1/2 x 11 paper.   On a vintage manual typewriter.

“How do you feel about your person?”  I asked.

“LOVE” emerged slowly, keys tapping.  There was a pause, then “GOOD”.

I stared.  “Will you look at that,” I marveled, under my breath.

I reported this to the client who immediately turned weepy.  Well, I was weepy too; I’m pretty sure it was a Wanderer-Klein Continental!   How often do you see a basset hound using a classic, vintage typewriter?

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