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Her cat had to be euthanized.  Before he passed he asked to be buried in a sunny spot and his person found this remarkable.   She wrote:

I was wondering from your perspective as an animal communicator… do some animals care what happens to their bodies and some don’t, and what’s the significance as you see it?  I thought that once we leave our body, it doesn’t matter to us, only to those left behind. I responded:

Animals are just like people–everybody’s different.  Chester wanted to be cremated.  He didn’t care what happened to his body after he passed and he knew it would be easier for us.

Maggie I suspect will want to be buried, though I haven’t asked yet.  I think she expects us to labor over a hole, then erect a tasteful shrine that we can gaze at whilst remembering her beauty and intelligence.  I’m joking but only a little–I think she might enjoy being fussed over.  I fully expect her to be as vain in spirit as she is in body and I’m prepared to honor that.

My client’s cat?  As the time of death approached, his spirit had begun to depart the body.  His body temperature dropped and the truth was, the cat was chilly!   He and his person spent their last moments sitting in the sun while they waited for the vet to come.  He didn’t know if he’d still feel cold after he passed so he took a precaution.

Pets are just like people, with different ideas and preferences.  Their personalities don’t change much after they die, though the edges are sometimes softer.

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