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The client calls, tells me what’s going on with the cat and I do a reading and a healing.  This is a common question: 

Why did it feel like you were reading me?

The short answer?  Because a pet reading is really a relationship reading.  We attract people into our lives so we can learn.  It’s the same with our pets and our family members.  They either have something to learn from us, or to teach us.  Or a combination.

So when you call me, we might discover that your dog is mirroring you by showing behaviors or issues that you need to work on.  Or we might find out that your cat is acting as a mentor, helping you realize a higher potential.

I’ll give you a couple of examples.

My cat Chester came to teach me this:

You can have challenges and imperfections and still be completely perfect.  He taught it by being eccentric and highly sensitive to his environment, with myriad health issues.  But the day he died I realized I probably loved him so deeply because of his imperfections.  He was never a cat with anything “wrong”, he was just Chester.

As I sat there I thought, I’m describing myself!  Then I “heard”, you don’t have to “be” anything special.  You never did.  If you just sit here for the rest of your life you will still be perfect and worthy of love.

Chester was a mirror to me, so I could better see who I really was. 

Then there was Maggie.  Maggie threw herself into her work:  showing us how to know what we want and then go get it.   She was bossy.  She was vain.  She had specific passions that she sought out:  gardening (okay, lying in the dirt and rolling around in a patch of catnip), sunbeams, giving massages, hunting–the list goes on.

I used to look at her and marvel:  she does whatever she wants! I wanted that for myself but the subtext was, I can’t do that.  How many people give themselves that kind of permission?

Since her passing I realize, I’m a decent and responsible person who will always do the right thing.  With that kind of foundation, if I want something it’s okay for me to have it.  I just have to go get it.

Maggie was a mentor to me.  She showed me what’s possible, so I can realize a higher potential.   I can follow through or not, but there’s no going back:  she’s gone and if I want to grow, I have to set my own example.

They used two different styles, but both cats were using their gifts to heal me and my family.


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