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Can my pet come back to me?

I address this all the time.  “You know,” I say, “you can invite him back.”  It doesn’t guarantee the pet will return, but it’s nice to make the offer, isn’t it?   That way he can complete unfinished business, or come back to work with you on something new.

I worked with a client who missed her dog terribly.  Should she get a new one?  Should she invite the old one back then wait and see?  She asked me to contact the dog to see what he was thinking.

The dog was cordial but seemed distracted.  I sensed he was working on something unrelated to my client.  He did know that she missed him.  He sent his love and returned to his project.

Some time went by.  One day she called, excited.  “I had a dream!” she told me.  “I dreamed we were watching TV and Cisco walked in, like nothing was different.  He looked exactly the same,” she said, “except younger and healthy, not like he was at the end.”

She went on:  “I think he’s coming back.”   I looked at him.  He was present and close, like he was hovering just over the client and her life.  Sure enough, it looked like a spirit waiting for a place to land.  I told the client this.

Will he land?  Will she recognize him?  I hope we’ll find out.



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