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I read a fair amount of animals who exhibit oddball or irritating behaviors that no one can decipher.   Sometimes the pet gives great, clear information but doesn’t respond to the healing–nothing changes.

It didn’t take too many of those before I realized I could accurately predict which pets would respond and which wouldn’t.  It got so I knew about 5 minutes into the initial phone call. Oh no, I’d say to myself.  Another one.

At the same time, it didn’t make sense for me to be attracting a lot of clients I couldn’t help.  Why was I attracting all this work, if I wasn’t effective at what I did?

It made me uneasy.  Still, I’d asked so many times:  What am I supposed to be doing with my life?  Every time I asked, the phone would ring and there it was, another ailing chihuahua.  A moribund Siamese.  That time with the horse.

For this reason I knew I was on track.  What was going on?

One day I thought to ask my teacher, the lovely and talented David.  Oh, he said casually, when the pet doesn’t change it’s usually the person who needs the help.

That was it!   I began to warn clients:  if we do a reading and a healing and nothing changes, you need to know this might be more about you than your cat.

People were receptive to this news.

Then I wondered, should I shift my focus to people instead of pets?  It made me a little sad; I got into animal healing because they’re more open and honest than we are.

In the end, with David’s help I realized there are many paths to healing and for some people, that path is through their pet.


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