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Science, you might want to take a break; go have a coffee or something.  You’re not going to like this.  Run along!

All right, now that we’re alone:  let’s start at the beginning.  As a kid I knew things about people.  But they were poorly defined in the way that kids’ thoughts tend to be:  I can’t be alone with him.  She’s saying that but it’s not true. The usual stuff.  I didn’t verbalize these things and there was no thought process.  I just looked at people and I knew.

I was certain.

In the absence of role models and feeling very unsafe with this phenomenon I put it on the back burner and went about my life for 30-some years.  But in the way of repressed things, it made its way to the surface and I “discovered” clairvoyance as a way to cope with sensitivities that had taken over my life.

It was the old story:  if you ignore what you need most, it will destroy you.  If you embrace it, it’s your greatest gift.

Years passed and I found myself reading people’s pets.  At first, the only way to know if the information was accurate was to trust.  Trust, trust, trust.  I rolled my eyes every time I put a reading in the mail.  The clients were satisfied but I doubted myself.

I couldn’t seem to access that childhood certainty.  Now there was more at stake.

One day I got some information that had an unusual spin on it.  I like surprises when I work–they tell me I’m not making things up–but this time it was it was plain wacky and I stalled out.  I asked the pet if he was sure, I put up the usual gauges for % accuracy, I begged St. Francis to tell me if I was on to something or perhaps nuts.  He laughed.

In the end, all signs pointed to ‘go’ but I still had to trust and that was the problem.

Suddenly an online Solitaire game appeared in my head.  I heard, move the card.

Why not?  I took the top card off the stock pile.  It was a red 7.  The disembodied voice said, put it on the black 4.  Obediently, I took my cursor and dragged the 7 to the 4.   Well, everyone who’s played cards online knows what happens–there’s a moment when the computer either grabs the card from your control and puts it where you want it, or rejects it and it flies back to its original position.

It’s a sudden ‘snap’ I feel viscerally.

Of course the computer snatched the 7 and slammed it back down on the stockpile, aghast at my incompetence.

The cool thing about clairvoyance is you get the gist of the thing right away.  I now knew, I could move the “card” (the pet’s story) into “position” (the place of truth for that pet) and the card would either be accepted, or rejected.

At first, I followed this protocol whenever I felt unsure.  But soon I realized that “true” felt one way and “false” felt different.  I didn’t need the card game anymore.  I also quickly learned to sense shades of gray, like close, but you’re missing a detail.

This is how I know.  Next question?



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