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Of course they do!  Everyone recognizes a droopy dog or cat.  Pets’ personalities are rich and divergent, just like people.

One could argue, that’s anthropomorphization.  Yeah, so?  I can’t interpret “cat” exactly the way it is.  I’m not a cat.  All I can do is see one, then interpret the energy from a human perspective.

For example: our certified, pre-owned kitty Gem has a great sense of humor.  If you looked at her you’d see an ordinary–though lovely–tortoise shell cat with immaculate white gloves on her front paws and white, thigh-high go-go boots in the rear.

Oh, you’d say, there’s a cat.

Gem’s markings make her look chronically suspicious, so I was delighted about two weeks in, when I realized, this cat is funny.  She baits us, waiting by the back door and quacking at us but when I open the door to let her in she’s likely to stay put, or trot back toward the lawn.  I figured out she wants to be chased.

She dashes away, circles around and lines herself up so she can shoot through the back screen door like a furry rocket.  But she doesn’t give it everything she’s got.  She knows she’s fast and sleek and you’re slow and clunky and ain’t no way you’re gonna catch up, are ya?   She’s relaxed in every way, and she looks bemused.  She comes right back for more.

Does our cat really say to herself, wow, my mom is slow, and isn’t it hilarious that she thinks she can catch me!? Maybe she does, and maybe she doesn’t.  But as a human I know the energy of “teasing”.  Based on my own experiences and emotions I come up with a story that would make sense if she was a person.






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