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Pets and people often suffer from the same ailment.  15 years ago I thought I had a thyroid disorder because everything about my symptoms mimicked a low-functioning thyroid–despite normal blood work.   I pressed for a solution so eventually my doctor recommended medication.  I took it and surprise! it didn’t help.

Yes, this is all very fascinating but in the meantime I took my cat to see his doctor because he too had issues.  His panel came back showing his thyroid was low.  

Low thyroid?  How could that be?

Yeah .  .  . the veterinarian said.  She held the lab result away from her body in a non-committal-ish sort of way.  It’s really not possible. She looked at me.

Oh no!   I thought Chet was sick but someone with a lot of letters after her name came right out and told me, it’s really not possible!

Cats, she alerted me smoothly, never go hypothyroid, only hyperthyroid.   She went on.  It doesn’t happen.  It’s the kind of thing vets write papers about.

Papers, was she kidding me?  Not papers!   She wrote a prescription and I slumped out of there, horrified.  Obviously I had made my cat sick and now he would have to take drugs for something he didn’t have, because it was really not possible, and it doesn’t happen.

I just knew there was a link to me and my perfectly normal thyroid, the one that acted like a low thyroid.  And so I leapt illogically to assuming it must be my fault.

Well, Chet took those damn pills for a time but surprise! it didn’t help and eventually our new vet recommended we stop.

She didn’t find it odd that Chet and I languished with similar symptoms, she’d seen it before.  After he was weaned his symptoms never returned and we all went back to our lives.

Soon after the Impossible Incident I was immersed in my work and I began to learn we don’t make our pets sick.  What we do do, is to attract pets and mates, bosses, friends and others who help us better see who we are, why we’re here and what it is we need to work on.  Sometimes we learn these things because the pet’s just like us–personality and/or thyroid and all.  Sometimes we learn this because the pet treats us in the same dysfunctional way that our fellow humans do.  Sometimes pets show us our potential by being far better “people” than we are.  There are many reasons.

Like the humans in our lives, each companion animal appears at an opportune time.  They’re here to keep us company and help us grow on our evolutionary paths.

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