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Mostly, it’s not part of my daily routine.   When I conduct a remote animal reading I set aside the time, get into a meditative state, clear out my psychic space, put up a special screen, etc.  The reading has a clearly defined beginning and end, and the rest of the time my life looks a lot like yours.

Occasionally I see that the psychic thing makes some people nervous.  I imagine they think I’m going to “get” things from them and all their secrets will be revealed, but unless I am invited to take a look, I don’t.

In the early days of doing this work I would interact with other clairvoyants/healers/psychics and I’d find that the less experienced ones would feel the need to randomly heal everyone they came across.  Friends, husbands, strangers–no one was immune to the healing genius.  It was an easy mistake and I made it myself, but when I went for formal training I learned this:  don’t heal anyone unless you are asked.

There are a couple of ways to look at this temptation.  I began to see it as breaking and entering, or the “would you read someone else’s private diary?” problem.  Then there’s the thought that someone’s challenges exist because they are meant to learn from them.  Either way, it’s not my business.  If I wait to be asked, I’ll never be wrong.

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