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Okay, so I turn it on and I turn it off and the rest of the time I’m just like you.

On the other hand, I was walking down a city street in Colorado and glanced at a middle-aged guy walking toward me.  Graying, beard, t-shirt, jeans–fairly innocuous but suddenly instead of a man’s head I saw the head of  a rhinoceros.

This kind of thing is a regular occurrence in a psychic pet reading.  A reading gives you context but this phenomenon, well, there was no context.  Still my first thought was he must have been a rhinoceros in one of his animal lifetimes, and then I went back to whatever I was doing.  Interesting to be sure, but it wasn’t a concern.  I didn’t question my own sanity, nor did I stop and stare.

“Huh,”, I thought.  “Check out that rhino.”

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