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her stunt double

Well, the new cat yowled all the way home.  I found this more encouraging than the silent staring.  Better to complain than to remain catatonic, no pun intended.

Once in our house, she fled underneath the upstairs bed.   We tiptoed about the place, thinking we’d spend several days in ultra-quiet, low-stress mode.   We shushed each other.  We said correct-y things like don’t you’ll scare the cat.

You know, we just weren’t expecting much from this situation.  Which is why we said, wha? when after an hour or so she emerged from her bunker and had herself a look around.

Now we could see she was skinny and mostly black with butterscotch highlights.  We saw dainty white gloves on her front paws and thigh-high white go-go boots in the rear.  “Look!” my daughter said, “she’s pretty!”

Her name is Gem.  I don’t think she means to be, but she’s funny.  She chirps, she quacks; sometimes she opens her mouth and nothing comes out but ‘k’.    She grooms me, which is really just a couple of licks at my hair then this whole thing where she cleans her tongue ‘nungnungnung’ and it all seem kind of arduous.

She has a voracious appetite.  In her former life she ate cheap dry food but we feed her Merrick wet (California Roll!  Grammy’s Pot Pie!  The irresistible Cowboy Cookout!) so every meal is a party.  When she first moved in I fed her on demand but we had to put a stop to that.  As a result, Gem treats me like a waitress.  First she yells, then she puts her paw on my knee and if I ignore all that, she bites me.  Gently, but still.

She follows me most everywhere.

Her favorite toys are ribbons and the laser.  Her athletic, bouncy gait reminds me a of a German shepherd, or a racehorse.   If you run at her saying I’m gonna get you! she darts away, then circles back for more.  She had dogs in her first home.  Maybe she thinks she’s a dog.

She’s patient with children and seems to enjoy our friend’s 2-year-old.  I believe she has a crush on my 80-year-old mother-in-law.

She’s extremely, fastidiously, OCD-ishly, borderline troubling, clean.  Like, “stop, you’re taking off fur.”  She arrived at the pound that way and it persists.

I’ll be interested to see what this cat is all about.



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