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In my work as an animal communicator I use a tool called the Rose.   First I introduce myself so the pet knows I’m just a friend, and to assure them that no one’s gonna squeeze anything.   I send a little love energy, too.

When the animal is comfortable with me, I take some of his or her energy and put it in a flower.   The prototype is a rose but when I read it, well, I’ve seen it all.  I’ve seen perfect hothouse roses, tangly wild roses, daisies, lilies, sunflowers, car parts, wood, glass, machinery, food and on one memorable occasion, the actual pet’s head staring back at me.

The Rose is a way to look at the animal’s energy in the present time:  emotional, physical and spiritual.

The stem tells me if the pet has had many incarnations, just a few or somewhere in between.  It talks about offspring, the nature of the animal’s path in the world, the general health of the body and how sturdy the animal’s metaphoric foundation is.

The waxy leaf-like parts under the flowering top reveal information about how the animal communicates in the world.

The flower itself can reveal whether the pet is waxing or waning in her incarnation, how open he is, whether she has a light or sunny spirit or depths of wisdom and experience.  The color of the flower tells me things, whether or not I can see into the center tells me things, the freshness of the petals provides a clue.

During the Rose reading I will sometimes see that the animal took a long break between incarnations, or that he spent many many lifetimes as a certain kind of dog, or that there’s an issue that underscores many of his or her lives.

The Rose lays a foundation; the rest of the reading flows from there.

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