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Sometimes a client will wonder if her current pet is actually the reincarnation of a pet she had before.

Is that even possible?

There’s not much I rule out.  So when Carole asked, I heard myself say, “bring me pictures of the two dogs and I’ll tell you.”

I was sort of stalling for time.  I’d never been asked that before and I wasn’t sure how I’d approach it.  A month later we met again.

On that day I had a realization about the way I work:   When I see an animal and/or hear its name, my subconscious mind instantly registers a “signature” that’s specific to that individual.   It’s almost like hearing a note of music, or seeing an abstract object that’s a recognizable shape and color.

Occasionally, it’s conscious.  I’ll happen upon a little terrier at the park and I’ll “see” a freckle-faced, athletic, high-energy 8 year-old boy.  A real firecracker.

Either way, it identifies a specific pet.  Not just any terrier, this terrier.

This is the same thing that happened with Carole’s dogs.   She told me Dog #1’s name while I looked at her picture.  I got an energetic impression.  Then she showed me Dog #2 while I looked at her picture.  There was the impression again–and it was exactly the same.  I told Carole, “This is the same spirit, in two different bodies.  Congratulations, you’re psychic!”  We laughed.

How do I know they were the same dog?  Well, I’ll give you a hint.  It’s something that makes scientific types roll their eyes.  It rings the Amazing Randi’s bells.  You can’t put it on a graph and there’s no formula to prove it.

I just know, that’s how.

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