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Well, they left the girl cat in the cat carrier while the vet tinkered with the boy.   In 16 years, that had never happened.

There he was, the big drama queen, riddled with acupuncture needles and purring like a suck-up while she was behind bars.  True, it was a double-wide carrier and quite comfortable but that was hardly the point.  They acted like she wasn’t even there.

Finally they opened the door but by then the girl cat had totted up a list of resentments dating back 15 years, 10 months and 13 days-ish.  She stood in the middle of the floor.  She yelled at them.  She whipped her tail back and forth.

They set to work giving her acupuncture.  The girl cat was usually sensitive when they got to the  hips and that crazy left elbow, but this time she was hissing and swinging right out of the chute.

The vet and the human were amazed.  Normally Dr. Stacey could duck and weave and get the job done but not this time.  “I think she’s mad,” she said.  “We left her in the carrier the whole time we worked on him.”

It was another ten minutes before the vet got a needle into that left elbow.

Usually, she sat quietly while the needles did their job but today the girl cat thought she’d go for a walk.

She leaped to the floor and zink! out popped a needle.  It was bent 90 degrees to the shaft.   She rubbed up against her human.  The human reached down to pet her, then noticed that the rubbing had knocked off another needle.  A third was loose and about to fall.

The top to the cat carrier was laying on the floor, leaving a small opening for her to crawl inside.  She appraised it, then flattened herself and in she went.  More needles down, scraped off by the top of the carrier.

The human picked the top up, dismayed.   Plink! another needle flew out, for no particular reason.  It was bent 90 degrees to the shaft.  The girl cat veered toward her human then swung her hips at the last second.  The human yelped and jumped away.

“Whoa!” She picked up the bent needle.  “You’re really mad, aren’t you?” 

The girl cat headed for the edge of the cupboard.  She was fixing to do some scrapin’

Sometime later the vet tech came to remove the acupuncture needles.  She crooned as she tended to the boy cat.  He didn’t move a muscle, that one–he was a perfect gentleman.  The tech turned to the girl cat.   She was down to about 3 needles, but she’d started with 15. 

The tech looked at the human.  “Just three?”

“Well,” the human began.  Then she stopped.  She held out her hands, palms up.  “Um.  .  .  ” she started again, then faltered.  The girl cat swung her tail, hard.

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