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Living things have energy and the energy tells a story.  That’s what I tap into when I talk to your cat.

Events have energy, too.

On Monday we returned home from Madison, Wisconsin.  It was a family birthday but we got in a little protesting, too.

At 30,000 to 40,000, it was a nice size for a protest.  You had enough room to admire everyone’s sign, my group got a close look at the back of Michael Moore’s head and there was parking.

The weekend before, there were 100,000 protestors.  On that day the stream was too tight for my brother and two of his State of Wisconsin co-workers to slip in; they could only stand on the sidelines and marvel.

When I look at the energy of the situation, I see a tremendous, building force that wants everything to stay the same.   Visually, it looks very powerful and promising.  But it’s set on a foundation of decay.  Try as it might to gather more power and raise itself up, it keeps faltering and sinking in places.

It’s as though democracy was a garden we planted then neglected to tend.    It appears the decay’s gone too deep for us to turn back, but we’re not ready to say: let’s tear this thing up and start over.

Like it or not, it’s transformation time.

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