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A big gray cat in middle age.  “Caesar”.   He was aloof and a little chilly, even impatient, with affection.  He was the feline brother of a very large dog.

At issue was my old nemesis, pottying out of bounds.  Maybe I should rephrase:  at one time it made me think, “dear God no, not the tinkling.  Tell me the dog has burned your house down but please, do not call me with the tinkling.”

Caesar tinkled, all right.  He tinkled on the dog’s bed and he’d done it since his person’s boyfriend moved out two years earlier.  To her credit, the person said she didn’t much care if he stopped, she just wanted him to be peaceful and content.

I relaxed a little.  Okay, our focus is peace and contentment.  Let’s start there.

We got to work.  Turned out, Caesar had made an agreement to heal the boyfriend who, truth be told, he didn’t especially like.  But animals are healers and once they have identified their healee, they will commit to the work.

There were “man of the house” issues and power issues, all related to the now-absent boyfriend.   I told Caesar, you’re a fantastic healer and you’ve worked very hard!  But the person you worked so hard to heal isn’t coming back.  How would you like to break your agreements with him and try living without that energy for awhile?

As is typical, Caesar was willing to give it a shot so we threw out the old agreements.   Right away I saw a much more cheerful cat, so I crossed my fingers and went back to my life.  “Peace and contentment,” I reminded myself.  “Peace and contentment.”

Next Up:  Pottying Out-of-Bounds, part II

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