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young-men-with-dogs-771203-mAt last Rosie had the right name.  Still, there were a few other things to discuss.

This woman had another dog that was close to her husband.  She’d wanted Rosie to be “her” dog and she was a little anxious about it.  Not only was the dog ignoring her person, she was also physically distant, aloof.

Well I told her, you’ve only had Rosie a month.  I recommended she talk to Rosie, let her know she could take her time and settle in.  You’ve got to give her room to be herself, I said.  You can’t really make her be something for you, I said. Just love her.  Give her time.  Something else occurred to me, though.

Say, I said to the client, don’t you foster dogs?   She did.  Not only did she foster them, but Rosie was a former foster who had proven too irresistible to send back to the pound.  They’d been looking for a companion for their aging border collie, Ray.  This was their choice.

I wondered, had they told Rosie they were keeping her?  That she was in her forever home?

The client seemed surprised.  She didn’t know if she’d said anything or not.  How do I tell her? she kept asking me.  That surprised me.

The kind of people who call me: I tend to assume they natter away at their pets like I do, but everyone has their own style.  Just say it! I told her.  Talk to her like you’d talk to your husband.  Rosie sat up very straight on the screen in my head.  She stared at me, as if she was looking for something.  So I told her.

pound-puppies-1145747-mRosie, I said, did you know Anne and David are planning on keeping you?  You don’t ever have to go back to the Humane Society!  I said. You don’t ever have to go back to the people who couldn’t see you.  This is your home now–

Rosie’s person interrupted me.  “Katie!” she said.  “She’s lying on her back, with all four legs in the air!”

I laughed.  Did she usually do that?  As it turned out, she didn’t.  The client had never seen it.  The dog was completely relaxed, her mouth slack and her eyes rolling back in her copper-colored head.

A few days later I got the big news: not only had Rosie begun to respond to her name, but right after we hung up she started to follow my client around.  She cuddled; she smiled.  Apparently, she was at peace.






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