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I play around with clairvoyance.

It was summer and I sat in the window of a coffee shop with my blog designer, the inestimable Bethany of Unique Think.  Just outside sat a beautiful Shar Pei.  He was golden brown, the color of an oak floor.  He was also young and perfectly behaved.  He sat quietly with two young women.  We could see his profile.

Wow, I thought idly.  What a spectacular dog.  His head whipped around and he looked at me in surprise.  Hi buddy! I said.  Quickly, he looked away.  I turned my attention to Business.  It was all links and ping-backs and SEO traffic.  Marketing.

“Look at that dog,”  Bethany said.  “He keeps looking at you.”   I looked at him.  He looked away.

I sent him a thought.  Look at you.  You’re gorgeous!   And you’re a good boy. Your person is very lucky. He looked at me, then looked away. 

Bethany laughed.  “Katie,” she said, “every time you look away he stares at you.”  I looked at him.  He looked away.  I turned back to Bethany.   “He can’t take his eyes off you!” she said.  I looked at him.  He looked away.

Okay, I said.  You’re beautiful and it makes me happy to look at you.  But I’m going to give you a rest now.

He gave me one last glance, then he lay down and curled up in the sun. 

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