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As an animal communicator I find there are generally two kinds of pet clients:  those who are struggling and those whose humans are struggling.  These days, I notice pets are really stepping up for their people.

Whatever else you want to say about 2010, it’s been one intense year and the pressure to change is incredible.  If my theory is correct and we are being forced to be the highest and most authentic people we can be–right now, or else–then everything is up for review:  jobs, relationships, habits and so on.

But what if you don’t understand what’s going on and you’re trying to keep things the same?

Companion animals are here to help us heal, and they’re working overtime to wake their humans up.   My calls used to run the gamut of emotional, health and behavioral problems.  Now they’re trending toward behavior and the pets are less responsive to healing.  I know from experience, this generally means it’s the person who needs the help, not the pet.

I’ve started to tell people up front: if I work with your pet and nothing changes, it’s probably you that needs the attention.   This doesn’t mean I gave the pet a reading for no reason.  The great thing about psychic healing is the benefit goes where it’s needed.  It might go to the cat, her person or even to me, but it’s never wasted.

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