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Is your dog really a person?

I studied her photo.  Like the portraits at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it was a living thing.

The dog grinned at me.  She winked.  Yippee, I thought, this is gonna be fun!

“She’s a fabulous dog,” her person reported, “except for [this one thing].”  The thing, it wasn’t really much but it rang her person’s bells so we went in.

Now, dogs run the gamut just like people but there is a general phenomena and it’s that the pet is a true dog OR, she is really a person in a fur coat.

This dog just wasn’t interested in being a Dog.   “I’m very creative,” she informed me, modestly.  I looked and saw all this indigo blue around her.  Why not?   She was creative.  She saw herself as a human.

As for the person, well she was highly intuitive and pursuing formal clairvoyant training.   Was there a way to put all that together?  I looked at the dog.  Oh, yes ma’am.  She was smiling.

Then I heard, “agility”.  Now I love the idea of agility, at least I love it as much as possible for a person who has aging cats and is  unencumbered by actual effort .  But it comes up often in the dog readings that I do.   Was I just projecting a latent passion onto other people’s pets?

Agility? I asked.  I stalled, unconvinced.

The dog trembled with excitement.

So I put up a gauge in my head:  No .  .  .  .  .  .  .  Yes with a big red needle.  I watched to see what the needle did.  The needle flew to Yes, rocketing off the end and almost off my reading screen.  The dog wiggled.  She stared.  Okay, I said, agility it is.

Well, agility and communication turned out to be almost the entire point of the reading.  The dog would creatively channel her prodigious energies, while she and her person communicated telepathically as equals.  The person would sharpen her considerable clairvoyant skills.  Voila!

As soon as I finished I sent a short email to the person.  I did not mention the a-word but I freely tossed around communication, creative outlets and so on.   She emailed right back, intrigued at the creative bit.  This is what she reported:

“I have been considering taking up agility with her .  .  .  .  .  “

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