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As usual, lots of animals are making their transition.  Many of these pets were mentors; now that they’re dying the effect is that of a torch being passed. The animals demonstrated confidence, belief in one’s self, creativity, kindness, going with the flow.   They offered it up and on some level, their people absorbed the example.

My sense is of a human in a boat being pushed into the current while the pet stays behind on shore.  A feeling of calm, confidence; go, human.  I’ve showed you the way and now it’s your time.

One human is being asked to embrace her work with confidence.  Another is being asked to treat himself with more respect.  Still another is learning the value of going with the flow and being spontaneous.

We need more people in service now.  There’s no shortage of opportunity to help others, and those opportunities are going to increase.  But you can’t help others if you’re preoccupied with your own difficulties.

Our pets are helping us get ready for the future.   Are you ready?


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