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Baxter was one of my all-time favorite dogs.  I worked with his person; she picked him out at the pound and brought him into his third home.  I wondered, how did two families happen to give up this nice dog?

Our jobs involved a fair amount of getting up and trotting around and he followed her everywhere.

I was just dabbling in animals at that time but my interest was known.  One day my friend had an appointment but she couldn’t take the dog.  She was matter-of-fact:  I have to go away for awhile.  You stay here with Katie and be a good boy. It was that brief.  She walked away. 

She’d only had him a couple of weeks; I’d never seen him that he wasn’t hard on her heels.  This time he stayed with me and watched her walk through the loading door ’til she was gone.

Baxter looked up at me, resigned.  “You stick with me, buddy,” I told him.  “She’ll be back before you know it!”

He never let me out of his sight.  An hour passed, maybe more and then she returned.  He resumed his post at her side.  After that he was always happy to see me when I arrived at work.

Baxter and I were friends for years.  He stayed with us when his people went out of town.  He was comfortable walking into our home and polite and deferential to my cats.  From the moment he was entrusted to my care at work, he knew he was safe and it felt like an honor.





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