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I read Busting Loose from the Money Game a couple of years ago.  Richard Scheinfeld posits that our lives are pure illusion.  We invent each person, pet, experience and event so we can learn and grow.  With that awareness and a few tools, we should be able to create lives more to our liking.  His message is not a new one, but it is entertaining.  Could his theory be correct?

I suspend disbelief every day; it’s in the job description of every animal communicator.  One day people will say, “You sat in your office and healed a cat in Germany?  Happens every day.”  For now, even I roll my eyes sometimes.   Doesn’t stop me from trying–or succeeding–is the thing.

On the other hand, it’s dawning on me that every time I do a reading the animal has something to tell me.   Usually it’s a back-door kind of thing; I’m working with a pet and their person, and the parallels to my own life are significant.  But other times a pet I’ve just met for the first time will blurt out something personal about me–and it’ll be correct.

Never do I think:  I can’t relate to this.

I’ve had strange pets counsel me about my work, my marriage, my friendships.  (Wha–?  I have to tell my husband that?  I know, I know.  You’re right.)  My favorite counselor was an ailing, elderly gray whippet with the spirit of a western gunslinger, who felt my work required more creativity.  He shot from the hip–or I guess, he scolded from the hip.  Though he’s recently passed, I keep his picture around, like a mentor in spirit.

Did I “invent” him?  Who cares?   He showed up at a key moment to deliver a key message, and it was a pleasure to make his acquaintance.  How cool is that?

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