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I met a woman recently who was fascinated by what I do.  Fascinated!  If you set aside the fact that we’re all intuitive and it really just takes practice, I suppose sitting in an office in Colorado and chatting with a cat in Great Britain could seem fascinating, sure. Why not?

Speaking of fascinating, this woman develops software 50 hours a week, designed her own home, attends meetings and sits on boards, cooks like a gourmet chef, gardens, knits her own sweaters, entertains regularly (you think I’m kidding, don’t you?), parents more than one child (still not kidding) and regularly does something athletic that has her scampering around with a big group of people then going out for beer.

In isolation, each of these activities sounds doable but it’s the part where she does them all that has me in awe.

Yes but I don’t do anything interesting, she told me.  She seemed a little sad.

Attempting to comfort her, I managed to point out that neither of us thought to re-create Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking October 14th skydive from outer space, using only Lego® toy building bricks, some plastic and string.  Within 24 hours of the jump.

For your viewing pleasure:








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