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Beats me!

Are archetypes real?  Astrology?   Tea leaves?  Dowsing?

I don’t have any reason to believe that animal communication works.   I didn’t set out to do this.  It found me and when I dabbled in it I got results, so I drew the conclusion that I ought to do it some more.

When I do it I assume it will work again because it worked before.  I can’t point to science or math but I can point to cats and dogs and birds who feel better when I’m done.

Past lives are like this.  Mostly I believe in them, but if someone tells me they’re not real I find it reasonable.

Two weeks ago I attended a blogger’s conference and the owner of an animal sanctuary told me she didn’t believe in animal communicators.

“Cool!” I said.  I guess she was ready for a fight, because my answer surprised her and she made sure I knew it.

I shrugged.  “Why would you?”  I asked her.  “I had to do it and do it  and do it some more before I believed in them.”

Typically people come to me when they’ve tried everything.  I’ve never once had a client shy away from the past life reading.  But I do sense that more than a few of them struggle with the concept.

I wonder if they’re real, too.   But what if they’re just a way for the animal to look at the present problem with a little bit of creative distance?  What if the past life is a metaphor?  What if it’s purely for entertainment?  Clients love to hear about their pets’ past lives.  It’s what they comment on the most.

When it’s all said and done and the past life is cleared, does your pet feel better?  Act differently?  Seem more at peace?

If so, does it matter whether you believe past lives are real?

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