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As an animal communicator, there’s nothing mainstream about my work.  What I do is odd, and it can’t be proven by conventional means.  But sometimes I get feedback that proves I’m making a true connection with your pet.  As a beginner, I was pretty unsure so I would look for ways to validate myself.

One of my very first pet clients was a big white dog with hip problems.  Looking for proof, I asked him to show me his favorite toy.  It was a red ball.  I reported this fact to the client over the phone.

“Uh-huh,” she said.  That was encouraging.

“He has a red ball?”  I asked.  I was surprised.


“Um,” I said, “is it bigger than a tennis ball?”

“Yeah.”   Really?

“So,” I said, pressing my luck, “bigger than a tennis ball but smaller than a softball?”

“Yes.”  Whoa. Why stop now?

I closed my eyes, hard.   “And rubber?”  I asked.  “Not like a Kong but softer, like a kid’s bouncy ball?”  Pleasepleaseplease let it be bouncy

“Yes,” she said.

Not only was this information profoundly validating to a beginning clairvoyant, but the human wasn’t surprised.  She was just answering my questions.  Yes, pet psychic, you are correct.   My big white dog does indeed have a red ball that he loves, which is bigger than a tennis ball but smaller than a softball and which is softer than a Kong; much like a kid’s bouncy ball.  Next question?

It was hard to let that go, I wanted to sit with my success and cradle it.  One never knew when the next doubtful moment would come.  But still there was a dog to communicate with and a hip to consider so I set that ball down and turned toward the future.

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