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Okay, if you’re impatient with the whole clairvoyant thing and you just want the bunny to save a toddler then skip this part.  No really, go away.  You’re not going to like it and just when we were beginning to be friends.

I was in the flea market.  All that stuff, loaded with other people’s energies.   A sea of emotional debris.

I came upon a throw pillow.  Cute!   It was new, white canvas.  The canvas said, “return this bag to [BlahBlah] Bank’.  In smaller letters it said ‘Monroe Canvas’.   The back was brand new, tomato red burlap.  It had a fat feather pillow inside.

We got into this whole conversation about washing it.  The red backing was going to bleed, wasn’t it?  The bank bag was white and the woman hadn’t pre-washed the burlap.  I saw my cats throwing up on it and my daughter dragging it out to the garden.  It wouldn’t end well.

“Oh just brush it off,” the woman said.  “Vinegar,” someone else murmured.  I hesitated.  I couldn’t get past how I was gonna have to wash the cover and I hadn’t even bought it yet.

Still, the pillow was interesting and the price was right.   Money exchanged hands and I strode out the door.

Once in the car I tossed the pillow on the floor dismissively.  Huh, I thought, noticing.  Well, that was odd.

I picked up some lunch and took it home.  I put the pillow on the couch and sat down next to it to eat my sandwich.  Suddenly I was profoundly, deeply uneasy.   Scared and sick.  Scared, like ‘I’m gonna getcha!’ Sick, the way something repulsive puts you off your feed.  I chewed nervously.

The feelings were coming at me hard from the left.   It was the pillow.

This couldn’t be good.  For maximum digestive benefit you’re supposed to eat in a calm environment.  It was lunchtime and I was being menaced by a throw pillow.  I couldn’t stand that it was there.  I grabbed the cute pillow and hurled it to the floor.

At this point two options emerged:  I could throw it away, thus wasting an amount of money that was inconsequential but disappointing, or I could figure out how to shift the energy.

I cannot overstate my anxiety.  I took a breath and forced myself to look.

Pillowpillowpillow, the terrible thing threatened.

Next Up:  Animal Communication and the Throw Pillow, Part II







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