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As an animal comunicator, my favorite tool is the Past Life reading.

The client calls.   Her cat Rudy is imperious, combative and mean to his  gentle sibling, Cora.  Issues of health and for that matter motivation have been ruled out, but there he sits, mad as a hornet and ready to rumble.  Can I help?

I ask if Rudy has a past life to show me.  Up pops a Persian cat: gray, fussy, that fantastic mushed-in face in its soft, velvety perfection.  Perched upon someone’s lap, I see that his life is rich and entitled and there are few demands upon his time.  Outside, stray dogs and cats fend for themselves while The Cat stretches and thinks, should I nap now, or have a snack?

“He thinks he’s special,” I told the client.  “He likes his sister all right conceptually, but in reality she takes some of the attention he feels entitled to.”

Cora kept around the periphery and gave him his due but still, she’d stroll past and he’d take a swing at her and for what?   No one knew.  She put up with him and even said it wasn’t so bad, but about once a year and out of the blue, she’d march right up and well, she’d beat the crap out of him.

What happens with past life energy is this:  the life is experienced, and whatever one learns from that life gets filed away somewhere outside of the energy field.  That way the animal can still make use of what they learned, as a part of the evolutionary process that the spirit goes through.

But sometimes an animal identifies so strongly with a particular lifetime that it gets stuck in their field.  Maybe they loved that life so much, they’re trying to re-create it.  Maybe they didn’t have a chance to complete something they were working on.  Maybe they feel that the old energies define them in some important way.

Why the energy gets stuck isn’t important.  But at the conclusion of a reading I ask the animal if he wants to move the past life out of his field.  I tell him, you’ll still have access to it, it isn’t going to go away.  But if you keep living it you can’t be in the present, so how would you like to try living without it?   You can always bring it back into your field, I say.

Only once did an animal decline to let go of his or her past life.  But Rudy was willing and so in one simple step we relieved him of the entitled Persian and what a difference it made.

Rudy relaxed considerably after that.  He and Cora are closer and he’s stopped beating her up.   When she’s feeling poorly he nurses her, and overall he shows less anger, and more patience and humor.

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