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I test my abilities when I’m sitting still in traffic.  There are myriad opportunities around here; you can’t throw a rock without hitting a dog (not that you would) and I like to see if I can get other drivers’ dogs to respond to me.

I pulled up next to a blue Subaru with two dogs in the back.  Closest to me was a shaggy, caramel-colored, mid-sized terrier mix.   Hey man, I communicated.  You’re cute.  Where are you going?

I could NOT get this dog to look at me.  I complimented him, I flirted, I challenged him:  Come on!  Just a glance.


I was close enough to see he was holding his head dead still but his eyes were darting to the side.   He knew what I was up to.   He wanted to look but he wouldn’t.

Was he nervous?  That wasn’t it.  He knew he was being played with but he was too cool to be sucked in.

Some dogs are wide open and I’ll get a big cheerful grin and full-on eye contact.  Others are sort of appraising; they’re analyzing me as I observe them.   Some are simply curious.

Time to try another angle.  I do something when I introduce myself in a reading; it tells the pet I’m coming from love and that’s it.   I’m not a vet, not a groomer and I don’t train things.  As my husband likes to say, I’m not going to squeeze anything.  I send a little shot of love from my heart.

The dog lurched.  His eyes opened wider.  His ears went up and he froze.

Still he would not look.  The light changed; the dogs and their person pulled ahead and turned west.  I saw the dog’s head whip around to look at me; there was a split second of eye contact before they peeled away from my lane.







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