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Should we get a companion for our cat?

This tends to come up when one pet dies, leaving a lone animal in the household.

Suzanne called to ask me this question.  Her cat Harry was 11; she was pretty connected to him and had began to wonder if he was sending out feelers for a new family member.

His answer was curious.  He was interested, indeed.  But there was something he wanted his person to know:   “At first, I won’t be friendly.”

True to cat form, he would take the traditional route.  He’d play the territory card, but he planned to accept his new friend so his human decided to proceed.

To our amusement, that was exactly the way it turned out.  He wasn’t exactly rude, but he kept his distance in the beginning.  A few cautionary hisses, the turning of the plump back, an unwillingness to share warm places.  But with a gentle persistence the young female began to make inroads and eventually they were friends.





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