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Well, this was never gonna end.  Pages flew off the calendar; the sun grew dim.  A new geologic era dawned.  The Activist showed no sign of slowing.

Wouldn’t it be easier if he stood up in his pleather brogues, pointed and screamed, “You’re a bad person!”?  He’d still get to humiliate me but it would pick up the pace.  Perhaps that biggish barista with the lip ring would see the Activist to the door.

Normally I’ll sit politely all day while people do their thing but man, this was getting to be a workout.  I’m fifty and I have an 8-year-old.  Fifty.  Eight.

Moderator:  Do you have this kind of time?

Me:  As a matter of fact, I don’t think I do!  Thank you for asking.

The monologue turned to the hunting of a certain creature once critical to the survival of mankind.  Now we were turning our backs on that animal by killing it for sport and could I even believe it?  His eyes drilled into mine.

Oh, I could believe it all right.  What kind of nut didn’t know these things were happening?  But more importantly, I’d had it.

“Are you kidding me?” I hissed at the Activist, “Is there anything humans haven’t turned their backs on?”

The Activist looked startled.  Even I was surprised.

“What about the poor?  Sub-prime mortgages!  Reduced funding for schools that under-perform!   Health care only for the wealthy and employed!   Are pharmaceuticals safe?–who cares!  In some countries housing is a human right but here we throw people out of their homes!  Bring your gun to the national park–what could go wrong?”

I couldn’t stop.  “We’ll detain you forever if someone thinks you might be a terrorist!  Tax cuts for the rich!  Corporations are people!   Wanna talk about Somalia?  Haiti?  Japan?  Your pharmacist can refuse to fill your prescription if he feels like it! Oh, your family’s been on this land for four generations?  Tough luck, we’re building a mall!  Where have you been, man?  It’s everyone for himself!!!!”

Evidently I was finished.  I sat very still and looked out the window.

He was actually silent for a bit.  Then he said something weird.

He said, “I guess you’re right.”

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