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I’m at the office.  I remember my first Starbucks, Seattle, early 90’s.  Coffee shops were just emerging in popular culture and this one was a revelation.   It created a place where you could be alone, but not isolated.

I had a job as properties manager for a touring musical and it suited me just fine:  go to work at 7:00 p.m., done at 10:30, socialize until the wee hours, sleep in a lovely hotel until the sun was high then wander downtown for coffee and a glance at the morning news.

That doesn’t account for the matinees, the travel, the load-ins, the load-outs and the fact that you couldn’t have a cat or a garden or a boyfriend (unless you fancied one of the dozen or so available characters, among the 60 or 70 you traveled with.)  But I got paid what felt like an extraordinary amount.  And I got to make believe every day.

I left theater in 1993; I was meant to go in a different direction.  I do miss it but there’s something that’s carried through into the thing I do now:  in both cases, I get paid to make magic.

In theater it took 100 people 2 hours to replicate something exactly.  Every day.  Sometimes twice.  The only problem, if you had to name one, was that the story never changed.  Now, I’m the only one in charge and no two stories are the same.

In those days, Sadaam Hussein was the man of the hour.  Something about him bothered me, not the obvious thing, but there was something that rang wrong about the whole story, and I couldn’t shake it.  It was maybe my first conscious psychic impression.

Something was telling me, you have this other thing going on.  Pay attention and read between the lines.  So I did, and I developed a theory that proved completely unpopular in every arena.  But because the information showed up unbidden, and because it didn’t make any sense whatsoever, I knew it wasn’t my ego talking.  It came from a different place than usual and if you’d asked me to back up my information I’d have said, “I just know“.

This phenomenon serves me every day.  If I’m communicating with an animal and they show me something I don’t expect, I just know it’s true.

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